Tough environments

Using electrochemical methods, our devices need no moving parts and are not afraid of turbid or corrosive samples, high temperatures and pressures. They are suitable for use in many industrial areas, such as:

  • foodstuff preparation
  • pulp and paper production
  • fermentation processes
  • metal treatment
  • waste and drinking water treatment

DELPROSENS devices are appropriate for in-line, on-line, at-line and off-line monitoring but are also available in portable configurations.

Amperometry-based sensors

Quantification of the different chemical species is carried out by applying an electrical potential to an appropriate ensemble of electrodes. The resulting current flowing in the circuit is proportional to the concentration of the different chemical species in solution. Sensor performance is provided by the adoption of innovative materials not employed in commercially available measuring system, in association with unconventional analytical methods.

DELPROSENS analysis systems allow you to selectively and reliably quantify a number of chemical compounds in industrial fluids.



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