Your total satisfaction is our goal

Three key elements making our products unique


We are passionate about your needs

Your problem is not a standard case, we know. That’s why working side-by-side with our clients is the key to a successful identification of the sensor parameters.


Beyond the state of the art

Existing solutions may not satisfy your needs. We develop custom devices for the selective, reliable and fast quantification of the chemical species under examination.


Robust solutions for your processes

Our instruments are designed for industrial use – built to withstand and keep on working even in the harshest environments.

See what we can do for you

Tech Scouting

With more than a decade of experience in the field, we provide efficient end exhaustive technology scouting for your chemical analysis problems with comprehensive screening of commercial solutions.

Patent research

DELPROSENS offers tailored patent search and research literature screening supporting our customers in the development of new products and services, saving time and money. Our field of expertise includes (but is not limited to) industrial electrochemistry (eg electrochemical synthesis, wastewater treatment, electrocatalysis applied to fuel cells), sensors and instrumentation, chemical methods of analysis, nanostructures and coatings


Existing solutions may not satisfy your needs. We design custom devices for selective, reliable and fast quantification of chemical species under examination, either by adapting available technologies or developing novel solutions. Serial production is possible with flexible volumes.
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